Bringing the Future

to Shelter Systems

Evolving from underground tombs to advanced and modernized, fully protected hardened facitities, critical infrastructures and command centers



Temet and Observis are introducing a new approach to the underground shelter paradigm, the Smart Shelter System or S3. Instead of building shelters with only manual controls of the life-saving equipment the two companies are delivering a solution featuring full automation and control of all aspects of a fully fledged shelter:

  • Automatic Startup and Lockdown

  • Air Quality Control

  • Shelter Pressure Control

  • Uninterrupted Communication Capability



Automated controls easily outpace the manual operation of valves, doors and filtration systems. This significantly decreases the reaction time to outside threats providing an unprecedented level of safety and security compared to traditional shelter configurations.


In addition to automating the shelter controls the system provides visualised real-time situational awareness of the status of all devices and functions of the shelter. A smart shelter system places all information and full control of the shelter system on the operator's fingertips enabling them to make educated decisions quickly when needed.





During crisis, situational awareness of the immediate surroundings of the shelter as well as the rest of the world is crucial. Knowing when it is safe to leave the shelter is as important as knowing how long it is safe to stay in. S3 can be delivered with a comprehensive communication solution offering uninterrupted capability to communicate with, for example command centres and other underground shelters.

Temet Shelter Experience

Temet is a world leader in the protection of Civil Defense and Hardened Facilities. Temet has delivered numerous projects and cooperated with a wide variety of expert specialist contractors, such as Observis.

Leading Shelter Technology

Temet provides a full range of shelter equipment for different protective specifications according to the needs and demands of the client from civilian shelters up to high-class operational shelters.The vast product range of Temet offers a solution for all cases where protection against explosions and their impacts is required.

Observis Situational Awareness

Observis Oy develops and supplices comprehensive, hardware independent situational awareness systems for CBRNe, environmental and industrial monitoring. Observis is an expert in device as well as system integration and has delivered vehicles, shelters and mobile applications all over the world.

Seamless System Integration

The core competitive edge of Observis is the seamless integration of devices and systems. The solutions the company delivers are based on the principles of device and software independence and are offering full scalability from light mobile systems to nationwide monitoring networks.



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